Successfully Creating Your PVP-Peerless Value Proposition®

Sadly, too many wholesalers are stuck in The Sea of Sameness.

The problem is that for a typical wholesaler their appointments look just like this:


What about you?

Are you finding it hard to distinguish yourself from the masses?

Do you have a firm grasp on what it is that you offer to clients and prospects beyond product knowledge?

Can you separate what is simply required, as a job requisite of wholesaling, from the things you do that create relationship glue? 

If the answer to these questions is no, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Every day I work with my coaching client wholesalers to establish and build their PVP – Peerless Value Proposition®

Here’s a recent video I did about why you need to develop your PVP-Peerless Value Proposition®:

Announcing our NEW PVP-Peerless Value Proposition® video lesson:

Successfully Creating Your PVP-Peerless Value Proposition®

This is the same content that I share with wholesalers at National and Divisional Sales Meetings.

In fact, this was recorded at a National Sales Conference.

In this video I’ll give you my secrets for developing your
PVP – Peerless Value Proposition®.

They include:

  • Understanding how to separate great wholesaler DNA from your PVP-Peerless Value Proposition®
  • Knowing which wholesaler attributes can and cannot be used to successfully craft your PVP
  • Case studies from wholesalers that have implemented their PVP strategy
  • How to test your PVP in the market
  • Innovative ways to present your PVP to advisors

“I reached out to you because I wanted to take my business to another level. There is no question your Peerless Value Proposition® concept will help me accomplish that. PVP is a differentiator.” ~ Ben G., TX

Bonus #1 – When we speak to our Private Coaching clients about how to successfully take time off (yes, there is a right way to do it), we give them the MP3 “8 Ways Great Wholesalers Prepare for Vacation” and we make them listen to it! 

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Bonus #3 – We have compiled 22 Tips from The Millionaire Wholesaler™, based on our research study of some of our industry’s most successful folks.

We’ll share those tips, and cross reference posts for you at Wholesaler Masterminds® that tell you more of the story.

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