How to Leverage Advisor Reconnaissance for More Successful Appointments

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What if you could melt some of the natural icicles that exist around virtually all sales situations?

How would you like to change the trajectory of the conversation with prospects, from them being guarded and suspect to more open and willing to listen?

If you had one proven way to stay out of The Sea of Sameness versus your competitors, would that help you write more business?

In this course from Wholesaler Masterminds® Coach Rob Shore will share with you the same information he shares with his private coaching clients and live audience members.

In this How to Leverage Advisor Reconnaissance for More Successful Appointments course you'll learn:

  • The Ninja Search Skills that will SAVE YOU A TON OF TIME and UNCOVER MORE INFORMATION about your Advisor Reconnaissance Target;

  • Where to Conduct the MOST SUCCESSFUL ONLINE SEARCHES (including a site you may have never heard of);

  • How to Separate "Creepy" Data from POWERFUL INSIGHTS;

  • How to use the "PHRASE THAT PAYS" when you are in front of your Advisor Reconnaissance target;

  • The Best Way to get ONGOING ADVISOR RECONNAISSANCE Intelligence Delivered to you, DAILY;

In addition, we'll show you:


  • How to Set Up a 'VIRTUAL FILE CABINET' to Keep Your Advisor Reconnaissance Data CLOSE AT HAND;

All of the techniques discussed in this course are time tested by both our private coaching clients and our live audience members over the last 8+ years.

If you want to separate yourself from The Sea of Sameness, and expedite both the discovery process and the relationship building depth of your advisor relationship, then this course will be of tremendous assistance.

And, as is the case with all of our Wholesaler Masterminds® products, you have a 30 DAY, NO REASON NEEDED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

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